About Trophy Lawns...

About Trophy Lawns Landscape MaintenanceI started Trophy Lawns almost ten years ago as a side business while I was working full time as an assistant manager at the Home Depot. It was - at first - a way to help pay some bills and have a little extra money. But as I started taking care of my customers - you know - returning phone calls, doing a little extra without charging, and taking the time to do a great job in each yard - my business began to grow.

Funny how that works.

Today Trophy Lawns is a full time landscape maintenance company with year-round employees. We are one of the largest residential driveway plowing services in Derry, Londonderry, and Windham, plowing more than 350 driveways in every storm.  We are a company that focuses on maintenance first, which means sometimes doing things that other landscapers don't want to do. We find that, if we take care of the basic landscaping needs of our customers, then larger construction projects like patios and retaining walls will eventually come up as well.

About me...

Mark Edgecomb TrophyLawnsI work hard but it's not all that I do. Being from New England, of course I'm a big-time sports fan. Not only that, but I totally adore my four awesome kids.

So, when I'm not working, I'm usually with them - coaching the local flag football team, going on day hikes or jet skiing on the lake.